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Welcome Aboard - Quick Tips* for SSDN - Lenovo customers


Welcome to the world of Lenovo from Lenovo Exclusive Stores – SSDN at Nehru Place – your PC Destination . 

Having bought your new PC - here are a few tips to make your experience a truly pleasurable one, ensure the best value from your new PC and an enriching experience as an Lenovo@SSDN customer.

1. Registering your purchase for Accidental Damage Protection and promotional offers:  Your Laptops are provided with a unique ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE PROTECTION (select models only) and other periodic limited period promotional offers which have to be redeemed by registering at the Lenovo web-site within 3 days of your purchase. You may do so by visiting , clicking the OFFER REDEMPTION TAB and providing all necessary details along with a copy of the Sl. No. sticker on the box, your ID proof and a copy of the Invoice. (Important Tip: Kindly ensure you tick all checkboxes for all offers at once, this registration can only be done once; you may write to in case of any unforeseen issue in such redemption).

2. Registering your purchase for standard warranty: Kindly preserve your invoice for warranty purposes (the same will not be re-issued) and mail a copy of the same at for a smooth trouble free warranty experience.

3. Creating an OS Recovery Disk : Bought your new PC ( Laptops & Desktops) with Window’s pre-installed ? 

We recommend that you create an OS recovery disk and preserve for any future use in an unlikely event of your Software going corrupt or in other situations of a hardware component change. All you need to do is to plug in a USB Flash Drive to your PC (16GB or above); search for “Create a Recovery Drive” with Cortana and follow the steps as guided on screen. (Tip: Do select “backup system files” checkbox and preserve this Flash Drive in a safe place for possible future use.)

4. Creating your Disk Partitions.: Disk partitions are important for managing your PC performance and Data : - Search for “Disk Management” with Cortana and the Disk management window opens up. Right click on Drive C and select Shrink volume to create an unallocated disk space. Right Click on the unallocated space created and run the Create “Simple Volume Wizard”. Select the desired partition size and proceed with the wizard ( 1TB = 1024 MB). Assign a name letter to the created partition. Proceed to format the created partition with default settings and FINISH. ( Tip: Avoid storing Data in the C Drive to ensure data safety and PC performance.)

* The above directions / tips are only advisory in nature and relevant to some models only. The firm does not take any responsibility of any undesired outcome or loss whatsoever, if it may so arise out of the same. User discretion is recommended.